Description of the F1B Wakefield Champion model

This model was built 5 years ago, and was flown at World Championships in 2005 (Argentina) and 2007 (Ukraine). In the world championship 2009 in Croatia I flew this model in rounds 6 and 7 and the two fly-offs, as a result I got the world championship.

Motor tube and tail boom were supplied by A. Andriukov. Pylon was built by myself using plywood and carbon fiber cloth. Wing and tail plane were built by Ma-saru Ito in Seto, Japan. The wing, which is very accurate, fine and rigid, has a span of 1800 mm. The lower surface of the wing is covered with FIBAFILM, and on the upper surface I used AIRSPAN, both films produced by Solar Film Co. The tail plane is covered with mylar film with thickness of 10 microns. Front end is Andriukov's variable pitch, with blades supplied by Oleg Stoev. The blades are very fine and produce very high thrust, but regrettably are no longer produced. Model sketch is shown in Fig. 1.

Rubber motors used for official practice in the field were Tan Super Sport, March 2005. I measured the energy of every rubber motor I bought, from these tests I feel that the rubber of March 2005 is the best of all Tan Super Sports vintages. In the competition I used Tan II, produced in June 2001. Length of the motors is 325 - 335 mm, and number of turns used is 380-400.

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