Perhaps, in last 6-7 years, from competitions I visited, theese contests made the most impression to me.

Emotional and close communication with collegues, nature created athmosfere of Holiday. It became,because we had not technical and other troubles - Organizers just prevented them. A ltlle bit sad were the number of coming to the competitions. I expected to see more. Don't know all reasons, but only around 60-70% from entered take a part and many of them left after the first contest. It is understandable - only the first competition was the part of Ukrainbian team Selection. Next year, as I know Victor STAMOV is going to change formate and fix that problem...

We were lucky with a wind. Next day after "Free Flight Holidat - Lithuania" (last contests in this Series) strong wing 10-12 m/s became and of course no flights could be happened that time. But anyway we had one big interruption in the first event from Latvia, when after Round 1 competition was postponed to the next reserve day.

The rest - absolute positives. If to say short - many Star Flyers, good accommodation, resourt, Black Sea, meals on the Flying site, Banquets in the pleasant place for adequate money, competition equipment, fine trophies, huge field.

Now a little more detailed about everything 

Field. It is just jiant. Don't know exact dimentions, but it is up to the horizon except small band on the South - Blacl Sea, which is around 5-6 km from the Flight Line. Possible to fly any direction without moving Flight Line, which, I personally don't like. A few times line was turned before Fly Offs. Timers never had problems with visibility, even in two 9 min flight fly offs at 18:40.

Trophies and appearance. There I was introduced with a very nice person - Victor ARTIUSHCHENKO from Odesa. He is a Head of "Artel" Co., and representative of StarBooks, known brand in the World. His Company doing print jobs and Photo Books as well as other nice pieces. Thanks to Victor, competitions got nice Diplomas, ceramic tiles with competitions Logos as trophies, Souveneer fridge magnets, information booklets and more. Print quality - excellent, pleasant to keep in hands. Every competitor got full Results after every competition in nice colored cover. It was interesting to see sparking eyes of Roy SUMMERSBY and Reinhard TRUPPE (who seen a lot in their flying career), when they got Results.

Competition equipment. Powerfull loudspeakers, microphone, laptop with sound program (all announcements during competition in English and Russian in automatic mode), very big tent where was located Cafe, Office, tables for model's weighting, as well as Starting Poles markers with numbers, information board with nice magnets. And of course, computer and printer, constantly connected to the 220 V (separate powerful generator). Everything workred perfect without failures and delays. Competitors were sutisfied by speed of information update. It was espesially pleasant for me, because I did this job.

Meal on the Field. Cafe with 6-7 round tables were located under big tent (10x10 m), specially built for that competitions. Local food - plov, shurpa, lagman, shashlik, solianka and many other dishes were cooked near the tent and had special flovor of open fire. Plus vegetables, rolls, sweets, pies, tea and coffee, water and beer. All is tasty and for democratic cost.

Banquets. Or Dinner-Prize Giving took a part on the open space of Aj-Petri Restaurant in Berehove. Not all, but most of competitors came. Small podium used for awarding. Everything supported by jokes, music and fun atmosphere. Awarding were made by Valentin MOZIRSKY - Event Director, Artem BABENKO - General Director, Victor ARTIUSHCHENKO - General Manager and Victor STAMOV - CD and Interpriter. FAI Jury of each event presented main Trophies. At the end - Desert and loud and colorful firework.

Competitors. Almost all foreign flyers from far away countries came. Both Leaders in F1A World Cup standing Mikhail KOSONOZHKIN (Russia) and Roland KOGLOT (Slovenia) came for buttle, but can't improve their points. Well known flyers from abroad flown competitions - Reinhard TRUPPE (Austria), Brian Van NEST and Walt GHIO (both from USA), Roy SUMMERSBY (Australia), Jari VALO (Finland), Ismet YURTSEVEN (Turkey), Gottfried and Christoph BAHMANN, Martyn GREUB (Switzerland), Kosma HUBER (SWeden) as well as our neighbours from Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan and of course Russia. And of course many leaders in each class from Ukraine.

Accommodation. "Sunny Beach" Hotel in Beregove was the main accommodation point. Big rooms, with bathroom, fridge, AC, with balconyto the Black Sea. 300 m from nice sand beach. Good discount was organized by Artem BABENKO. Some people stay in private, which this time of year has big choise. Distance from Berehove to the Flight Line - 25 km, 25-30 min drive by car.

One more very important moment - Live Resilts on F1U.org. Thanks to Alex KULAKOVSKY and Victor STAMOV for reliable and constant Internet on the field, programming Google Docs tables and displaying them on-line. Many people like this idea and follow competitions in the real time. I personally, will try to do similar at Russian competitions.

That's generally all. Not a reason to speak about results - look tables. Results good and fair with many fly offs.

Resuming all - I willl come to Crimea again without much thinking. That place is very nice. Many Thanks to: Victor STAMOV, Artem BABENKO, Victor ARTIUSHCHENKO, Valentin MOZIRSKY and everyone, who made Free Flight competitions - Holiday.

                                                                              Alexandr SCHASTNY (Russia) - Competition Secretary

To be Continued...

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