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(Eugene Verbitsky TOP SECRET fly-off model has been declassified)

Stepan Stefanchuk won F1B Free Flight World Cup event Pan American Open in 7 minutes fly-off. Second place - Tony Mathews, third - Yuri Blazhevich.
F1A, F1B are still compiting. 10 minutes fly-off will be at down tomorrow.
While waiting for other results, you can look pics from Kiwi World Cup of New Zealand and Iscaacson Winter Classic.
Update: 2012 Free Flight World Cup is ready. Thanks to Ian Kaynes for the fast update
Update 2: Click "Read more" to see current results 
Update 3: Final scoreboard and pics of Champions
Update 4: Few more pics...
2012 Pan American Open

PanAm 2012 F1A Winners
PanAm 2012 F1B Winners
Final Scoreboard
2012 PanAm Final Scoreboard

2012 Max Men International

maxmen head

Payton TETRICK (Van Nest's granddaughter)
Payton 1  Payton 2

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