Introducing Aybi™ (Our helper)

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Aybi™ (AeroBot - AB) was born a few month ago, grew up a little, got some skills and now ready to be introduced to you. It’s our small friendly mascot, that will try to make your staying on the site more comfortable. He will help you to create a profile on, perform registrations to the Free Flight competitions, help organizers with hosting their events on our website and also setting up the LIVE results.

Working with Aybi™

Registeration on the site

Aybi™ is waiting for your registration on the site. Yes, we know, it’s very boring to fill that forms. You have to do it just one time. Don’t worry, the mascot will be always with you. Great and funny time spending is guarantied. To start registration just find Aybi™ at the right column of the website and press “Create an Account”.

Submitting your participation

Once you created your account, find the mascot again and login using you credentials. Now he is showing you your small personal menu: “My Profile” and “My Competitions”. Press the last one. In the pop-up window you can see table with all available for registration competitions. Check those which you want to participate and click “Save”. That’s it. Aybi™ will save your entries. You can check him, by finding your name in the List of Participants of every competition you Entered

Canceling the participation

If you decided to cancel your Entry, open “My Competitions” and uncheck the event or class, that you want to cancel and press “Save”. Aybi™ will delete you from participants table. Small explanation here: if you’ll remove checks from all classes of one event, Aybi™ will delete the date of your registration and new Entry will be with new date. But if you registered for one class of the competition and in the future for few more, Aybi™ will save your first registration date for this event as well.

Mistakes in the List of Participants

Aybi™ takes all information for the participants table from user profiles on So, if you found mistake in your Name spelling, changed the Licence Number or Nation - go open “My Profile” and correct the information you need. Aybi™ will change your data in all Entries automatically.

What else I can do after registration on

For now you can Login on the site and leave comments under the news or articles with your Profile name. Later we’ll provide ability to upload photos from the competitions, etc. Yes, you have a lot of social networks where you can upload and share photos with your friends, but how about to place all Free Flight things in one place?

For Organizers

Aybi™ is very affable! If you want to host your competition at - contact one of site administrators. It’s completely Free of Charge. We want to make Free Flight things more useful, popular and funny.

Advantages of Aybi™

  • One click and Registrations for all contests hosted at are done;
  • No headache to fill all your data many times;
  • Never double Registrations;
  • Never Juniors lost. Aybi™ will calculate Junior’s age from your Profile and mark Junior in the Competitors List if so;
  • Competitor's List don't need Moderating. Aybi™ is doing everything himself;
  • Easy to copy List of Competitors to Google Docs and set up the LIVE RESULTS tables.

Your feedback, Please!

We will appreciate your feedback and proposals. Please, leave your comments under this article.
Registration for the participation is started for testing. All applications will be removed December, 8, 2011. Please, try to use it and tell us Your remarks and wishes.



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