F1U.org Birthday - We are Now 1 Year Old

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In December, 8, 2010 domain F1U.org was registered. Therefore, we have a Birthday today! Happy Birthday, F1U! Greetings to all of You as well!

Thanks to all, who had stayed with us during the year, to all, who helped with the advices and supported the site financially. We hope that F1U.org will continue evolving and we will have even more visitors as we have now.

Stay with F1U forever!

Some Totals:

  1. Finally we had joined information about the biggest Ukrainian Free Flight competitions in the same place. Would like to have also local Ukrainian competitions information here. Organizers - Welcome!
  2. We made quite detailed reporting from the World Champs in Argentina and Junior Euro in Slovenia. Will continue this tradition in the future.
  3. For the first time we had complete on-line comepetition Results transmissions (LIVE) from Crimea (3 World Cup events), then from USA (2 events) and Slovenia. By the way, for history: very first attempt of LIVE Results was made at Zmiev Cup, World Cup event in Kharkov. We hope that the most of World Cups in 2012 will have LIVE Results. Who need help, please, don’t shy to ask us.
  4. We tried to bring you World Cup results as soon as possible and mostly F1U displayed them first.
  5. A few articles about famous persons in our sport were published as well as a few discussions started.
  6. Recently we got a new helper on the site - Aybi™. If somebody didn’t met him yet, try and have fun.

If you have interesting articles, reports, pictures, drawings - please, share it with us. Will publish them with pleasure.

F1U Team

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