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Finally, after 3 month of development, new version of our site is online. I decided to change the blog style news displaying. Front page of the new site is like a dashboard, where everything is at your fingertips. Also I had merged all components of the site with one registration.

When you done with it, you’ll be able to comment posts, take part in a forum, upload photos and register to the events. For those, who using social networks, registration at is very simple. No usernames and passwords to remember. Just click on the prefered social network and you’re registered. System will load your email, date of birth, nation, first and last names. You only need to open your profile, check the information and add FAI License number. Already registered users, please use your Login and Pass as usual.

New functionality

  1. New site engine (must speedup and secure the it’s work).
  2. New site design.
  3. The only registration.
  4. Unified results archive.
  5. Forum.
  6. Comments are now divided for russian and english speaking users.
  7. New, pretty “Our sportsmen” gallery (in modern web browsers).

Your feedback
Please, leave comments and proposals. It’s very important to know your opinion, to make everything useful. Also there is a chance that you’ll find mistakes (bad links, etc). Please let me know about it.

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