Invitation to 21st Herend Cup

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Dear Friends!

We invite all competitors to the Herend Cup and of course to the Mura Cup (June 2-3, Tapolca, Hungary).
Although we organize the Herend Cup 21st time but as a World Cup first time. The airfield is not an endless desert, but approx. 2.2 km x 1km covered with grass, but the open area is greater than 2.5 x 4 km, mostly agricultural land. Easily accessible, there are no canals, no fences on the airfield, no electric transmission lines in the vicinity. I think it is as good as most of the European area.

But not just a simple double world cup is recommended.

But we offer you not just a simple double world cup. One of the most beautiful area of Hungary with the wonderful volcanic remnant hills and Lake Balaton in many programs, attractions. The Cave Lake in Tapolca, the cave “Csodabogy?s”, the mountains, the basalt organs, the castles, viewpoints, arboretums, Africa Museum, the Western Park, the thermal baths and the thermal lake of H?v?z are just a taste. Hiking, bicycling (bike path around the whole Lake Balaton), horse riding, golfing, fishing, sailing, cruises or even flying over the landscape, excellent wines, organized wine tours induce the visitors to stay.

We recommend you to spend a few days here with family, friends, sports partners, you will not regret it and you will return home with a lasting adventure.
We hope that you will feel good and our contest deserved to go to replaced by the popular Puszta Cup and V?r?s Jen? Memorial.

Bulletin, further information, program offers, up to date accommodation facilities, registration at our website:

Ferenc Kerner

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