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A little more from Yesterday.
Model's Processing:
- very good scheduled and organized;
- 2 lines, 45 min for each Team, no time waisting for waiting;
- 2 devices for towline check. Also very convenient;
- nothing fancy as code bars and scanners for them, which later don't use in the competition process.

Opening happened on the Aldo Moro Piazza in Capannori at 19:00, exactly as it was scheduled. Flags, music, anthems, performance in the Toscana dress. A few short speeches, Salut from confetti, which go up in thermal. Then short performance. Nice, festive and compact. COOL!

Monday, August, 6, F1A
At the first - Ukrainian F1A Team took podium (3rd) after 7 years break!
Rounds started at 7:00 (55+5 min break). Ended at 13:55 without delays or moves.
24 from 77 made full score, including our V. Stamov and A. Trofimenko. Only Germany made 21 max and won Team, 2nd Slovenia with one drop in last flight.
Oleg KULAKOVSKY joked, that the 2nd is loose to the 1st, but the 3rd is won from the 4th :)))
First 2 rounds Stamov flown new LDA Carbon wing with very impressive glide and easy maxes. Probably, his/Limberger Flasher is the brightest. From 2nd till 7th he used Short R&R and did easy maxes. Our newcomer A. Trofimenko made 7 maxes and together with Victor will fly fly off tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7:00.
Perheps, Anton GORSKY from Russia had the highest launches and together with his team mate Yury TITOV as well as Roland KOGLOT and Ambros VRTOVEC from Slovenia, Per FINDAHL from Sweden and a few more flyers will be the main competitors in the morning flight. Hope our guys will be competitive with them. The main things to be good - high launch with low sink rate in good air:)))

The weather.
Looks it was so far the best day for flying. Cloudy almost all the day. The highest temperature - +32C, but with 60% humidity. Only at the very end of Round 2 strong thermals appeared and wind started 2-3 m/s, then 4-5 m/s in R7 with some gust. With rented from Organizers for 100 EUR/day quad no problem with retreival, but some teams took their models from trees. Today field was not so bad as looks for most of competitors in the first days. The weather can take hard 4 from 5 and maybe even with small +.

Competition site organization.
In two words - that was the best F1A Flight Line Champs management ever. Looks, if Organizers will keep level of first two days to the end of Euro Champs, it will be the best sample of Championships Organization in the future. Italians took the best from the previous competitions, including European and World we had in 2006-2007 in Ukraine.

In total:

  • the first time F1A Flight Line was free from tents, model boxes and other equipment, which were located in the specially marked zone, on the side from the line. Nothing disturbed towline rewind and models tow;
  • audio program worked with all announcements about time of the round run. Except of that good visible LED board displayed exact time till the end of the round and 5 min brake;
  • good Score Board with fast updates, including Team results, what is seldom happened on other events;
  • good organization of meals, car parking, WC and showers;
  • good qualification time keepers had good training before competition and equipped by Nikon binocs with tripods;
  • very creative Flying Cards with pictures of flyers;
  • Police and Carabineri making exotic atmosphere and security feeling.

Everything as should be.
Looks as like Capannori Commune Government was involved in the organization. What were done, impossible to do for Entry Fees.

Many thanks to Ukrainian retrieving Team, headed by Slava ALEXANDROV and Flight Line Group with Eugen VERBITSKY (Team Manager at F1A day) and Oleg KULAKOVSKY, who released models and run with glider guys.

P.S.: 130 pictures from F1A day here:

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