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Wednesday, August, 8, 7:00
Clear sky and very hot (more, then 30C) all the day. Light breeze in the Round 1 and all models out of the Field. Some hard jobs for retrievals. Made 4 min was not big deal, not like in Croatia 2009. Latest rounds most of landing were on the field and only some - out. Strong thermals and get them was same easy as drop. Maybe, miss air even easier. One of most hatable F1B condition.

4 rounds all 4 Ukrainians (4th - Defending F1B Jun. Champion Alex KULAKOVSKY) made easy maxes. Troubles started in 5th and as often happened, not only one - one by one. First Alex broke motor and Delay Prop rod bent (unfortunately will be clear later), his Dad did good launch, but soon became clear, that meeting with a ground can happened earlier as max. Team flapping as crazy and it helped. MAX. We even catch OK model. 2 bonus points in one flight for Retrieving Team!!!

Then Alex launching, but prop didn't started (bent rod). Good air missed. Launched 2nd model. looks good till 3rd min. Then down - 2:53 :(
Few minutes lated even worst news - Oleg's model instead of 200 g has 199.850 g (0.15 g = 150 mg is the weight of FAI stamp). DQ :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
35 from 77 tomorrow (Thursday) at 7 am will fly 10 min FO.
Latvia, Slovenia and Finland have full score and same fly off will decide who is the Team Champion.


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