F1B Fly-off

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Thursday, August, 9, 7:00
10 min F1B fly off

Calm on the ground, but different wind on different hight. Models trimmed with big glide circle can cover big area and found some better air as well as not so good. As always.
Big glide circle had model of a new European Champion from Serbia Svetozar GOSTOJIC. He flown in the middle of the round. But model of Michael SIFERT from Germany instead of big circle glides small and hit at the end 3 m high Organizers tent (4th place with 1 second behind 3rd and 7 from 1st).
Ukrainian had clean motor run, but not Super. V. Starostenko model glides just one very big circle and looks as first part holds promising, but at the end 5:28 and 17th. I. Vivchar - 1 s behind him.

Finland; Latvia (with Defending ECh 2010 V. Rosonoks); Slovenia (second team from this country made podium)




Tomorrow F1C with again early wake up at 5 am.

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