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Sorry for delay of English version comments. Tough conditions, not enough time even for sleep. Now Euro is over and we will inform what happemned yesterday in F1C Day:

Round 1. started as already usually at 7:00. Night before Organizers turned line for 90 degrees and it was good for first 3 rounds, then wind blown along the Line. Rounds 1 and 2 - east maxes for our team. But in the very first flight of F1C competition by Boris IVANOV (at 7:01) we seen difference in air, light holding of his model. 2nd flown newcomer Dima STAKHANOV and in the middle of his flight all models around, including his, start to stall in the turbulent layer, then all accidentally stopped .

Round 3. B. Ivanov had good launch, but model comes down very quick. Mistry Max. Same Mistry had Dima. He didn't wormed up his motor and launched. It is interrupted twice, low height, deep bunt. Flight looks as 1:30 - 2 min, mot model didn't want to die so shame and did long run down the wind, catch her good air and maxed easy.
From Round 3, because of wind (the strongest for all days here in Italy) our retrievers had more then enough jobs with run through local Jungles. A lot of drive and action. Our Quad helped us a lot. Thanks, Friend!!!

Round 5. Ivanov did over run (5.2 s from all 3 timers, we had 4.8-4.9 s. It was very far in bad area and took us almost all the round to get it back. He flown 2nd model at the end of the round, launch to the right into very bad air and 2:26 (only one drop for all our F1C guys). After Ivanov's over run Stakhanov launched to the right and we wait miracle again... and got it after long run of his model down the wind for better life. MAX on good height.

Round 6. all 4 models landed far in different directions and only because of experience and big wish to get them back helped in retrieve. Slava ALEXANDROV made all 7 flights with very consistent launch, motor run and always in the good air.

Round 7. Ivanov and Verbitsy with very good lanuches got very hard maxes with low DT. Leonid FUZEEV from Russia had very bad model release. It was closer to the catastrophe as competition flight. Wings unfolded and folded again a few times, but then it shown super saving glide and made 3:03 in between of trees. All Russian Team had a lot of adrenaline injected.

In total - 16 from 45 will fly tomorrow morning at 7:00 fly off. Russians and Brits have full Team there. Ukraine finished 3rd in F1C.

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