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Saturday, August, 11, 7:00
12 min Fly Off (decision of Organizers to fly 12 instead of 10 min).

Calm, clear sky. Models drifted for around 1 km, but again behind trees.

VE launched very good at the 1st min of the round, high, but not perfect recovery, 2 small stalls and perfect big circle glide. Model disappeared behind high trees, at count 9 appeared again and timers reacted for that - 8:24 and 4th place.. Not always happened such. Here was very good and qualified timing. At least we didn't heard any opposite.ed

Dima launched one of the first in the first 30 s of the round. Little to the right and back, but no stalls. Very good glide, but again high trees close model from timers. There was signal from the model to the walky talky, laying on the ground for about a minute. 7:40 and 5th place, next after Verbitsky. Successful Debut on Euro!!!

Slava did 3 test flights with his Folder and 3 times motor stopped and no wings unfolded and no bunt, but DT. Test on the ground - working. Then later after F/O he did a launch, everything was OK. Mistry working of Italian Sidus Timer? Slava have to flown spare 6 panel wing model, not so high as Folder, did 6:37 - 11th.

Leonid FUZEEV from Russia launched in ~30 seconds after Dmitriy STAKHANOV with his new Folder with variable pitch prop. On the 2nd s it was visible as RPM reduced and speed incresed. Good hight and perfect glide in good air. 10:38 Champion time, with was almost 2 min higher as Georgio VENUTTI from Italy (2nd) with 8:48.

3rd time Pierre MORROT from France was 2 s more as Eugen's - 8:26.

Brits tool F1C Team Trophy with 3 flights over 7 min and took 7th, 8th and 9th. Russian Team - 2nd.

Challenge Team Trophy won Russia 11669, then Czech Rep. 11588 and Germany 11490.

19:30 today is Prize Giving and Banquet. Tomorrow go home. Euro 2012 in Italy will be in History and in good Memory.
Thanks to Organizers and all who made it!!!





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