F1H EURO Challenge - schedule for 2012 and new rules

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The final list of all F1H EURO challenge contests for 2012 is now ready.
You find several new contests on the list and Great Britain and Slovenia will organize in 2012 also EURO Challenge contests, so that you can collect this year points at 18 contests in 9 countries. Opening of the season will be in 2 weeks the MURA CUP in Slovenia.

Together with the F1H Euro Challenge Board members Ferenc Kerner (HUN), Per Findahl (SWE), Thomas Weimer (GER) the point system for the new season 2012 was reviewed. The change is now that the winner receives 10 points, 2nd 9 pts and so on and for each 10 beaten flyers 1 extra point will be given. This should make this series as interesting and challenging as possible for everybody. Like before the best 3 results will be calculated, but only 2 results can be taken from home country.

This new F1H EURO CHALLENGE was installed in 2011 as a contest series to promote and develop the F1H class. The aim is to increase the interest for this class, by encouraging participation especially of young people in the international contests around Europe. F1H is a nice model class for starters in freeflight, especially children, but also experts, who can't or don't like anymore to follow the quick development of World-Championships classes with always "higher, more technic and functions!"

Competition rules:
Each country can nominate 3 contests as F1H EURO CHALLENGE contests, which must be run according to the FAI Sporting Code and must be open contests, so that every interested sportsman has the chance to compete in this F1H EURO CHALLENGE contests.

Thanks and good luck for the season 2012
Ansgar N?ttgens

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