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new f1u

Finally, after 3 month of development, new version of our site is online. I decided to change the blog style news displaying. Front page of the new site is like a dashboard, where everything is at your fingertips. Also I had merged all components of the site with one registration.

2012 Holiday on Ice. Reporting...

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Our reporter Walt GHIO reporting from Norway:
"The start of round two. All flights three min. Calm conditions. I will send another report later and also before and after the flyoff."

"End of fourth rd. Sun has come out and some breeze has come up. Around 20 in F1A and 15 in F 1B with all maxes. Hope pictures show names."

A few messages from Walt in comments section.
Received full F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q results. You can find them in "read more".
Again, thanks a lot Walt for fast reporting!

Sergey MAKAROV - 50!........

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Today, one of the Leader in F1A from Russia, Sergey MAKAROV is celebrating his 50th Jubilee!
Our warm Greetings to Sergey and his Family with this important date in the life of every human. Wish him long life in sport, new victories and new technical achievements.

F1H EURO Challenge - schedule for 2012 and new rules

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The final list of all F1H EURO challenge contests for 2012 is now ready.
You find several new contests on the list and Great Britain and Slovenia will organize in 2012 also EURO Challenge contests, so that you can collect this year points at 18 contests in 9 countries. Opening of the season will be in 2 weeks the MURA CUP in Slovenia.

News Flash from Lost Hills

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(Eugene Verbitsky TOP SECRET fly-off model has been declassified)

Stepan Stefanchuk won F1B Free Flight World Cup event Pan American Open in 7 minutes fly-off. Second place - Tony Mathews, third - Yuri Blazhevich.
F1A, F1B are still compiting. 10 minutes fly-off will be at down tomorrow.
While waiting for other results, you can look pics from Kiwi World Cup of New Zealand and Iscaacson Winter Classic.
Update: 2012 Free Flight World Cup is ready. Thanks to Ian Kaynes for the fast update
Update 2: Click "Read more" to see current results 
Update 3: Final scoreboard and pics of Champions
Update 4: Few more pics...

Few Words About Latest Updates

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Recently the site hasn’t been updated - but it’s only at the Main page.
Site is preparing for the season 2012 step by step. Here is some things that has been done:

  • structure was prepared for the 2012 Sport Season;
  • all information about competitions was unified;
  • now we also host two Russian World Cups;
  • Bulletins of “2012 Donbass Cup” and “2012 Naloev Cup” were added.

Finished negotiations with World Cup Organazers in the USA. World Cup events, which will be held in Lost Hills, CA, USA in February, 11-19: “Kiwi World Cup of New Zealand”, “Pan American Open” an “MaxMen 2012” will be available LIVE here.